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Helping Children Deal With Changes Associated with Divorce

By Toby Riley / October 10, 2017 /

For anyone looking at an impending or recent divorce, you have probably thought, “this was not part of the plan”. After all, divorce is not a typical expectation when getting married.  When children are involved, the struggle is even more difficult.  Many people have questions and don’t know where to look. If this is you,…

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Suicide Is NOT The Answer

By Toby Riley / September 7, 2017 /

My heart is broken right now as I type this message.  All I can think about is a young man I once knew has committed suicide.  His friends and family are upset and wish they had known he was feeling suicidal. In the end, suicide was only a behavior, the coping mechanism, the choice. Please,…

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Court Counseling and GAL Conference

By Toby Riley / August 5, 2017 /

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at MC Law’s GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) CLE (continuing legal education) conference.  This marks the 4th talk I’ve given for one of MC Law’s conferences.  I always have so much fun when I talk at a conference.  I also get to meet interesting people and answer a…

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Unseen Depression

By Toby Riley / July 14, 2017 /

I have been thinking a lot lately about depression.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that every week was met with an actor or other famous person being reported as taking their own life.  I can’t help but think that there are people I know personally that go through the depression, doubt, turmoil, and hopelessness…

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We can’t always get it right, but we should try.

By Toby Riley / June 1, 2017 /

I knew from the start that having children was not going to be easy.  I knew that I would mess them up somehow.  I knew that I was not perfect and that I was going to make mistakes.  We should all know this when we consider becoming parents. What made me think about this recently…

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There is a lot on my mind right now.

By Toby Riley / April 11, 2017 /

I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Delaware, reviewing the past 5 days of training that I have received in Parental Alienation and Estrangement.  I have listened to lecture, discussed scenarios, role-played, and asked any question that I could think of in an effort to get the most out of this training.  The…

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Family Dynamics in Divorce

By Toby Riley / May 31, 2016 /

I have come to a place in my practice where I work with a lot of custody cases.  I work with the children through the instability and uncertainty typically associated with custody disputes.  What I have witnessed is that some parents forget that children still love and want a relationship with the other parent.  Too…

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Semi random thoughts about coming to see me.

By Toby Riley / February 19, 2016 /

During a session recently, I was told that I was “weird”.  Through the smiles and laughter, I was told that I was fun and different than what they thought a counselor would be like.  When asked what this person expected, they said they thought I’d be an old guy, with a suit, no smile, and…

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New Beginnings

By Toby Riley / January 9, 2016 /

It has been a long time since I wrote something.  This post seems a little late, a week in to January, but life has been incredible.  In a way, this is “one of those” posts about the New Year and all, but it also about all the changes that have happened despite the time of…

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Completion – A Quick Note

By Toby Riley / August 24, 2015 /

I recently had the blessing of helping a person finish a program that will help them improve not only their-own life, but their spouse’s as well.  It was a wonderful feeling to know that this marked a new phase of life, a new opportunity, a new era.  This may sound corny, I’m cool with that.…

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