Helping Children Deal With Changes Associated with Divorce

For anyone looking at an impending or recent divorce, you have probably thought, “this was not part of the plan”. After all, divorce is not a typical expectation when getting married.  When children are involved, the struggle is even more difficult.  Many people have questions and don’t know where to look.

If this is you, I want to offer a wonderful guide to helping children deal with changes associated with divorce.

“Mindful Co-parenting Guide:
Helping Children Cope with Divorce”.

This is an article written for Tobias Counseling by the wonderful people at Custody Xchange.  The article is one of the most extensive an easy-to-read articles on co-parenting that I have found.

I also want to mention, if you need help with the logistics of custody/visitation, check out Custody Xchange’s Child Custody Software for scheduling and logistic information recording.

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