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Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at MC Law’s GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) CLE (continuing legal education) conference.  This marks the 4th talk I’ve given for one of MC Law’s conferences.  I always have so much fun when I talk at a conference.  I also get to meet interesting people and answer a lot of questions pertaining to a topic I enjoy.

Toby Riley and Tammy Upton, GAL conference, MC Law

Toby Riley and Tammy Upton

The topic for this year’s GAL conference is “What to Consider in Court Related Counseling”.  This topic was chosen due to the gap between the counseling and legal fields.  My goal is to give GAL’s a better understanding of the counseling world to help them communicate with court ordered counselors.  To accomplish this, I offer them insight into what to expect and specific information to communicate with a counselor.

I want to thank Tammy Upton for the wonderful opportunity to be involved with MC Law and I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

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