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I guess the best “first post” would be to explain the blog name.  The reasoning behind the name may come as a surprise.  It actually has little to due with me being a counselor.  I’ll explain:

When I was younger, I saw a movie (the title escapes me right now).  There was a reoccurring gag of the main character talking into a voice recorder every couple of minutes, “mental note” was followed by an obscure comment that had no relevance or importance to the scene in which it appeared.  I inherited a voice recorder, and as I often did, I internalized what I saw in the movie.  I walked around for the next couple years or so making “mental notes”, random thoughts that I found interesting, funny, ironic, important, or just silly. 
I believe these can be used as life lessons.  These random occurrences of life that seem minuscule at the time can be used to help explain or improve life.  My prayer for you, my readers, is that you receive a lesson or anecdote that will help you in some way, even if only to put a smile on your face.
So, there you have it.  I named my blog “Mental Notes” in order to have a place to continue that legacy of addressing and discussing that which I find interesting, funny, ironic, important, or just silly.  
Enjoy, and please let me know if/how these notes impact your life.  
May God Bless You

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